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4 Reasons Why You Should Get an E-bike

Electric bikes have become more common in the streets ever since the pandemic began. With the establishment of bike lanes and more people looking for alternatives to commuting, it is no surprise that many are drawn to getting e-bikes.

E-bikes, as the name suggests, are much like bicycles, except that they come with extra features that upgrade your overall riding experience. If you're still on the fence about getting one, we've listed down some of the top reasons why it's a great investment for you.

You get a speed boost.

Riding an e-bike would let you reach speeds up to 25 km per hour -- a feat that you can consistently hit, without getting tired easily. Because of the motor, you'll get an extra speed boost on your rides even when you don't pedal as hard, helping you reach your destination much faster without tiring you too much.

You can go further.

Having the motor and assistance of an e-bike can easily help you cover longer rides without exerting extra effort. Compared to a regular bike, you can easily cover 40 to 75 miles with the same effort that you'd use when traveling 30 miles. If you've always dreamt of traveling further, e-bikes can definitely help you achieve that goal.

You can climb faster.

With the e-bike's assist, you can find it easier to ride on uneven terrain and even climb hills. Ascends may be difficult especially for beginners, but having that extra push can help you reach the top with more ease. It also helps tackle headwinds that can pose a challenge.

Great place to start for beginners.

If you're new to cycling but need to cover long distances for work or commute, then having an e-bike would be great for you. It does not rob you out of the overall experience of cycling, but it helps you reach destinations that you may otherwise find challenging. If you want to build the habit of riding and want to explore places through cycling, then having the assistance would make the experience easier than usual.

Ready to get your first e-bike? Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram to inquire! You can also book a test ride with us.

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