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5 Things You Need to Know About E-bikes

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

With the pandemic changing our traveling and commuting experience, more and more people are slowly finding alternative ways to move around spaces. From taking buses and driving their cars, we've seen a remarkable increase in the usage of bikes, including e-bikes, making it a common sight in our daily commute.

But what exactly are e-bikes? Here are the top 5 things that you need to know about this latest cycling innovation!

E-bikes are bicycles, not tricycles.

Here in the Philippines, we usually associate e-bikes with electronic-powered tricycles that can accommodate 2-3 people. But as the term suggests, e-bikes are actually bicycles with a battery-powered "assist"(small motor), helping cyclists cover more distance and conserve some energy in doing so.

E-bikes give you an extra push when cycling

Having the extra motor gives you a boost, helping you ascend without exhausting yourself too much. This makes it perfect for longer rides in the metro, easily covering more miles and getting through flyovers in a breeze.

E-bikes get you exercising

Contrary to some misconceptions, e-bikes still require you to pedal-- you'd only have a hand when it comes to pedaling at some points. E-bikes are still great for exercise, and can even push you to go further and explore new places. This is also perfect for those who have otherwise been sedentary, slowly easing to the workout without stressing yourself too much.

E-bikes can be a little heavy

Compared to traditional bicycles, e-bikes are inherently heavier because of their battery, motor, extra components, and reinforced frames. Although this is the case, it's nothing to worry about-- the motor-assist makes the extra pounds disappear once you pedal.

E-bikes are perfect for work commute

While the boost may only be limited to a few additional miles per hour, it's still helpful and can be faster compared to the usual speed when using your normal bike. This is perfect for beginners who need handy transportation within the metro. You get to work quick, without too much sweat, and you're not too tired, either.

Ready to begin your e-bike journey? Check out CYKEL's available bikes and find something that would best fit your needs. Test rides are also available for booking.

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